Stanley M. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Composer, Arranger, Editor, Conductor, Baritone, Lecturer

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Miscelaneous Videos

Published on March 2, 2016.

Fanfare, Tango and Fughetta on Hebrew Themes performed by the Organum Brass Quintet, Granada, Spain.

Published on YouTube on January 12, 2016.

The Salt Lake Vocal Artists perform "Beau Soir" by Claude Debussy, arranged by Stanley Hoffman, live in concert on June 10, 2015 in the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst museum of modern art in Aachen, Germany, under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred.
Piano: Laurel Palmer

Video of performance - The Monkey - clarinet, violin, piano - the Zodiac Trio (Kliment Krylovskiy-clarinet, Vanessa Mollard-violin-Riko Higuma-piano) - November 15, 2013 - Yantai Grand Theater, China (performance below at time index 6:53) at the Yantai Grand Theater in Yantai, China . The World Premiere of "Zodiac: Across the Universe" as part of a 10-concert China Tour. "Zodiac: Across the Universe" is a special project the brings together 12 composers, each contributing a one-minute movement. The composers were selected from a pool of close to a hundred submissions, following a call for score by the Zodiac Trio. The winning compositions were then brought together to form a 12-movement work that was premiered in China in November, 2013, and performed as part of the Zodiac Trio's touring program.


I. Ben Newhouse: Cancer « the Crab » -- CANCER
II. Bojan Glavina: Leo/the Lion -- LEO
III. James Romig: Zodiac Structures -- VIRGO
IV. Noel Fortman: Zodiac-Across the Universe-- LIBRA
V. John McDonald: Hillside Humoresque-- SCORPIO
VI. Alan Ishii: Scorpio -- SAGITARIUS
VII. Stanley M.Hoffman: The Monkey -- CAPRICORN
VIII. Luke Flynn: Snakebite -- AQUARIUS
IX. Gaetano Nenna: One for Zodiac Trio -- PISCES
X. Francine Trester: Fire Sign -- ARIES
XI. Martin Loridan: Sous le signe du Zodiac -- TAURUS
XII. Jerzy Fryderyk Wojciechowski: Gemini -- GEMINI

Video of performance - "Get me a rag!" "Just a minute..." - (piano solo) - Shiau-uen Ding, pianist, posted on YouTube, April 20, 2013. Please go to time index 17:46.

Variant on “Battle Cry of Freedom for wind quintet was performed by the West Point Wind Quintet, along with fourteen other chosen titles, as part of the Composer's Voice "15 Minutes of Fame" Concert Series on April 14, 2013, in West Point Jewish Chapel. A link to this performance appears below. The performance occurs at the following time index: 9:03-9:47.

Video of performance - Crimson Sunset - (organ solo) - Carson P. Cooman, organist, posted on YouTube, March 16, 2013.

Video of performance - Intermezzo - (organ solo) - Carson P. Cooman, organist, posted on YouTube, December 15, 2012.

Video of performance - Yih'yu l'ratson - (SATB) - Alegria Oda Korosu (Alegria Chamber Choir), Turkey, M. Inci Tigli, conductor, posted on YouTube, May 25, 2012.


Video of performance - Yih'yu l'ratson - (SATB) - The Augustana Choir, (Sioux Falls, South Dakota), James R. Johnson, conductor, sings my Hebrew prayer during their 2011 Interim concert.


Video of performance - May the words of my mouth - (SATB) - The Augustana Choir (Sioux Falls, South Dakota), James R. Johnson, conductor, in concert Jan. 30, 2010. The first piece in this YouTube clip is my composition. The second piece is Elegy for Dachau by composer Matthew Armstrong.


Video of performance - Yih'yu l'ratson - (SATB) - Alegria Oda Korosu (Alegria Chamber Choir), M. Inci Tigli, conductor, June 6, 2009, "Two Choirs; Two Cities; Two Concerts Project," Ankara, Turkey.

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