www.conventionofstates.com I could not be prouder to be a volunteer for a national grassroots organization than I am right now. Constitutional American History is being made in state houses across our great Republic.

The momentum is truly astonishing. US citizens of ALL political parties, decent, hard-working American people from all walks of life---many with families---folks with long memories, who love the US Constitution and the freedoms it ensures, who recall what life was like not all that long ago before unconstitutional government overreach overtook us all, are insisting that way of life be restored immediately, the one where individuals, families, and their advisors decide what is best for them, not an unconstitutional nanny state. #SelfGovern

COSAction is not a fringe organization. It is now officially a mainstream movement, with half of the required states to call a convention on board. Progress is not only being made in Red states but in Blue states as well, tangible progress. That is because our case is so compelling.

Article V of the essential, permanently indispensable, original US Constitution is now being used to save itself and America, to return power from the federal government to the fifty states as intended by our country’s founders and, most importantly, to each individual citizen, so that they can self-govern themselves, just like we all used to do before the out-of-control government overreach began. How?

*At a Convention of States, COS state commissioners---NOT Washington DC politicians---would have the opportunity to debate and pass Amendments requiring that Members of Congress live under the same laws that they pass for the rest of us; imposing term limits on Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and federal bureaucrats; requiring a balanced federal budget; imposing limits on federal spending and taxation; getting the federal government out of our healthcare and education systems thereby returning those powers to state, local, and most importantly parental and individual authority; and stopping unelected federal bureaucrats from imposing ANY regulations on the general population.

A cherry on top would be the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution which would return the power in the federal Senate from elected elitist politicians to two State House Representatives from each one of the fifty states. The original intent of the Senate was to be the voice of each statehouse in the federal legislative chamber to balance against those of the prestigious House of Representatives. The Progressive Movement of that era brought about the 17th Amendment, just as they did the 18th Amendment. A Convention of States can decide to repeal it, just like the ill-conceived 18th Amendment prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages was repealed. That was yet another instance of government overreach, albeit a particularly moronic one, but the elected officials of the day repealed it when they finally realized after destroying countless speak-easies, moonshine stills, and bottles of bootleg booze, that the law was ultimately unenforceable.

In our time, career politicians with no term limits and with special perks that they vote in for themselves will not pass Constitutional Amendments that infringe on their status as elitist, plutocratic politicians concerned mainly with their own self-interests rather than being representatives for their constituencies. The beltway politicians are taxing and spending away the financial security of future generations of Americans, let alone our own. I cannot think of anything more selfish or short-sighted. This is the opposite of the US federal government’s intended purpose. These scoundrels must be stopped. ALL of them. Permanently, legally, and peacefully. We the people have to do that. No one else will.

Fears of a runaway convention where crazy Amendments can be passed by those opposing the convention’s agenda, etc., are completely unfounded. Those who wrote the text of Article V did so meticulously, making certain that safeguards are in place against just that happenstance. All that can be discussed at this first ever convention would be the government-downsizing points raised above, * the ones which have already been accepted by 17 states. That is all. All other discussions are Constitutionally moot.

What follows simply must be said, and stated in no uncertain terms, as it appears many of my fellow Americans either do not know this or have forgotten it. In America, we have something called The Bill of Rights. Like it or not, there really is no such thing as a “government mandate” here. Those only happen in dictatorships or parliamentary democracies, certainly not in a Constitutional Republic like ours with our democratic voting system in place. That voting system itself is currently under attack on a federal level and on a partisan basis, but that is for another discussion. US GOVERNMENT MANDATES ARE NOT LAWS. They are tyrannical overreaches at any level of governance from federal (the President, the CDC) to local (a Mayor). As such, they are only enforceable if anyone is willfully ignorant enough about their basic rights as US citizens to go along with them either as enforcers or as sheeple. The most any government official has the legal right to do is issue strongly worded advisories. That is all. The only other right afforded to the federal government is to issue a decree of martial law if our borders are attacked by foreign nationals. At the moment, our border is Swiss cheese, but that, too, is for another discussion.

Unconstitutional lockdowns aside, it is time to return to Lincoln’s ideal of an unperishing representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people, one for all US citizens.

The politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC, cannot do anything to stop this movement. Neither can any elitist Globalist billionaire, lobbying group, nor agitators paid or unpaid, etc. They are all scared to death of COS. Why? Because We the People cannot be bought nor sold. No person or organization can rattle the minds of informed, rational, freedom-loving Americans who are not defined by their party affiliations, race, gender, or by any other label: COS staff and volunteers are defined by our mutual love of America, freedom, peace, prosperity, faith (to whom that applies), and civility, the root of which is “civil,” hence the study of Civics which, sadly, has been all but replaced in schools by Social Studies. One field of study must not supplant the other; rather each one must supplement the other. This situation must be rectified.

Did you know that, in a Wiki-leaked document, Bill Ivy wrote to John Podesta, “We’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.” The Globalist elitists are playing everyone for fools who will buy into their condescending, false narrative. There is nothing more dangerous to elected officials and bureaucrats than an informed citizenry.

The mainstream media's legacy news and big tech outlets will not report on Convention of States until so many state legislatures are on board that they must do so. Just watch and see. Remember this article; bookmark it and tell me if I was wrong.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

---John F. Kennedy

Please sign the COS petition today if you have not already done so. If your state has not yet passed a COS resolution, then please seek out your local COS chapter via the organization’s national website so that you can become an active member of your local chapter.

Do not fade away into history, MAKE history! Learn what you can do to make a Convention of States become a reality ASAP. Thank you for your time and attention.

---Stanley M. Hoffman, PhD

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