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New! A Prayer for Chanukah (Baritone Solo, Chorus & Chamber Orchestra) Scrolling Score YouTube Video

A Prayer for Chanukah

for Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus and Chamber Orchestra

Music by Stanley M. Hoffman (2001)

NotePerformer 3 Audio, Scrolling Score Video

Words: "Al hanisim"

Traditional Hebrew Prayer for Chanukah

English singing translation by Stanley M. Hoffman

Music and Translation:

© Copyright 2002 by Ione Press, Inc., a division of ECS Publishing Group. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

ECS Publishing Catalog No. 5906


A Prayer for Chanukah

We thank you for the wonders, for the liberation, for the powerful actions and deeds of deliverance, performed by you, and for the victories of our ancestors in their struggles in ancient times at this time of year.

In the days of the Hasmonean, Mattathias, child of Johanan the High Priest, and his children, a tyrant rose up against the people of Israel to make them forget your laws and violate the rules of your commandments, then, in your abounding compassion, you rose up for them in their time of distress; you responded to their purpose, you considered their plea, you remedied the wrongs done to them; you delivered the mighty into the hands of the powerless, a legion into the hands of a few: you made an exalted and blessed name in this world for yourself, and for the people of Israel you caused a momentous liberation and deliverance that we recall this day. Then your children entered the oracle of the house, cleaned the temple, purified the sanctuary, kindled lights in the holy courts, and chose these eight days to be observed with exaltation and gratitude, for the signs and wonders you performed for them, for which we humbly thank your holy name.

(We thank you ...)

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