Of American Mor(t)al Ethics and the Minutemen of 2022

Updated: Oct 26

What follows is a nonpartisan article, and arguably one of the most important ones you will read this year. Please know going into it that the writer is a political independent (I). He is a musician by trade but has for the past twelve years self-educated himself deeply in the subjects of history, current events, and laws from reliable sources because he saw this time coming.

Humanity in general and America in particular are at an historic and very dangerous crossroad. The title, which was conceived spontaneously as fingers met computer keyboard, is intended to reflect the American and global events of the past seven years which have shaped our common destinies. As nearly all the falsehoods masquerading as truths spewed during those years are now laid bare for all but the willfully ignorant to see, reality is crashing-up hard against each and every untruthful mainstream narrative.

The foundational ethic of Western Civilization rooted in the Ethical Monotheism of the Judeo-Christian tradition is under full-scale assault by the government, the mainstream media, and schools. “Build Back Better” is utterly collapsing under the weight of its own bloated financial burden and hypocrisy. Practically nothing is built, the only things back are run-away inflation - the worst in forty years, shortages not seen since the 1970s, frighteningly poor international relations, and absolutely nothing is better.

The writer grew up during a time when people of opposing viewpoints often exchanged ideas and either agreed to disagree or arrived at a compromise. Civics class was still taught at schools, and compromise was encouraged and was even considered a good thing. Gradually, Social Studies largely replaced Civics rather than complimenting it. Now, it seems if one dares to offer an alternative narrative to those being taught in schools and echoed by the mainstream media one risks being shunned, ostracized, “canceled,” or worse. This practice, called “Cultural Marxism,” has no place in civilized discourse. Its rejection must be embraced by all or at least most people of the world right now, lest we all forget how to converse with one another, and this country and world plunge into an abyss so deep that they cannot emerge from it.

At the core of our shared foundational ethic is the concept of doing unto others as they would do unto you. Whatever happened to that, and how can we once again achieve the middle ground?

The reverberations of the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s are still being felt today. That revolution caused a questioning of and gradual upending of many long-held values. The writer can focus on so many individual values which have been affected that reasonable reading time does not allow for discussion of them here. Instead, we will focus on only two issues: “do unto others,” and “Civics as ethics.”

Terms like “White Privilege.” are inherently divisive ones. They immediately focus one’s attention on the differences between people rather than our commonalities as “Mor(t)als” (Moral Mortals); we are all mere mortals. That one, and all other too-often-repeated “woke” tropes are immediately off-putting to those of us who embrace literally everything about our shared humanity rather than the practice of actively highlighting the differences between us. Anyone who would push up against what the writer is proffering can only be described as mean.

Lest the reader think the writer intolerant, know that he is the child of two Jewish Holocaust survivors, and has himself been the victim of several anti-Semitic attacks. The most recent one involved being called a “Nazi” on a Facebook page simply for discussing the origins of COVID-19 and citing a documentary about it. That treatment came at the hand of a current music student from one of his alma mater colleges.

The writer is not intolerant: he is fed up. He is sick and tired of hearing and reading about these divisive tropes and desperately longs for a return to the America that was once was and can once again become “the great melting pot.” Please, God.

The writer’s parents came to America legally after the war, met in the Midwest, married, worked hard to provide for their family (meaning that they did not seek government handouts knowing that simply being alive in a free country is a privilege and is not one ever to be taken for granted), and eventually received their much-prized citizenship. Everyone the writer knew celebrated their respective heritage normally back then; nobody made a thing out of their roots and any other differences between us like people feel the compulsive need to do today.

The vast majority of political conservatives are not intolerant, racists, homophobes, white supremacists, Nazis, or any other term so often hurled at us. Like yourselves most of us are people just doing the best that they can for themselves and, if they have one, for their families. We are your neighbors; our opinion simply differs from yours.

Even on issues as difficult to tackle as abortion and firearms, we must stop attacking and demonizing one another and come to compromise agreements on the state level to make existing laws work and to bring new laws into being that ameliorate the situation on both sides of these two great divides. That is how American Federalism is supposed to work. That is how America is supposed to work. That is how Federalism is supposed to function: at the state level. That is called American Originalism.

The reversal of Roe. v. Wade demonstrates how America was and is forever designed to function: at the state level. Constitutionally, states are more powerful than the federal government. That was put in place precisely to prevent the kind of self-serving, bloated, runaway government bureaucracy currently running our country into the ground and taking the rest of the world down with it.

The Second Amendment was and is mainly intended to keep tyrannical regimes from coming into power without citizens having matching firepower, in addition to providing individuals with another mode of self-defense. The current denizen of the White House recently tried to justify unconstitutional gun laws he intends to impose on Americans one way or another by saying that the military has nuclear weapons. First, what kind of president utters such words? Second, this is a moot point. Using nuclear weapons on one’s homeland is never an option; one has nowhere to live after, and even someone as dim and unremarkable as The Big Guy knows that.

When gun safety was taught in schools during the 1950s there were no school shootings because children understood and respected firearms, let alone the Judeo-Christian ethic of “do unto others.” Furthermore, they regularly attended their houses of worship; not so much today, but that is another discussion. Almost always, the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

The writer thinks, acts, and votes like a Federalist, an Originalist. Unfortunately, that term requires more explanation because, apparently, given the events of the past few years, most Americans no longer understand their basic Constitutional rights.

America is a Constitutional Republic with checks and balances, not a (parliamentary) Democracy; only our voting system is democratic. To call America a “Democracy” is to use a misnomer, and politicians and supporters belonging to a certain political party do so 24/7/365.

At the present writing, our once great Republic is coming apart at its seams. In a recent talk Florida given by the great commentator, Mark Levin, stated that (paraphrasing) America is not at the precipice of an abyss; it is already sliding down into it. We are less free now than we were when we were under British rule as a colony. #fact

Our country is headed towards financial ruin, and the threat of nuclear war with Russia has not been this extreme since before Ronald Reagan took office. If you do not believe this, then why did the federal government just purchase 290 million dollars’ worth of radiation sickness pills? Meanwhile, elitist, war-mongering career politicians on both sides of the aisle are selling our futures and those of our children down the river for selfish personal gain and power. It is time to bring all of that to a grinding halt.

One’s civic duty does not end at the voting booth nor with jury duty. Law-abiding US citizens—(D), (I) and (R)—must stop vilifying one another, start living together as neighbors once again, and rally together to take back our country now! Later might just be too late this time.

Luckily, the writers of the US Constitution created Article V precisely for a time such as ours. At an Article V Convention of States, commissioners would have the opportunity to debate and propose amendments on the following and only the following topics.

· Limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government

· Impose fiscal restraints on the federal government

· Limit the terms of federal officials and for members of Congress

Any politicians and commentators who say specifically that supporters of holding an authentic Article V Convention of States want to change the Constitution are liars. We want to use the Constitution to save the Constitution. This is exactly how its final writer, George Mason, intended that it be used. Supporters of a calling a Convention of States are, quite literally, the Minutemen of 2022, along with all Defenders of the Constitution. We are all that stands in the way of our Constitutional Republic going away forever and our cherished freedoms along with it.

Some say that calling a Convention of States right now is too extreme. Please, what is more extreme than the threat of nuclear war? Others say that a Convention could become a run-away and veer off course. That is literally impossible. The commissioners to the convention must stick exclusively to the bullet points above which are the ones that the nineteen states already on board with the Convention of States resolution have passed.

Thirty-four states saying Yay are required to call a Convention, and thirty-eight states saying Yay are required to ratify any new amendments to the Constitution; currently nineteen states are on board. That intentionally tall wall was erected by America’s founders to keep the government from being runaway. Given this framework, how is it possible then that the current government is runaway? Because they pass laws to skirt the Constitution. This, too, must come to a grinding halt.

Regarding the final bullet point above, did you know that, for example, the CDC has no legal standing over anyone in America other than the people in its own organization? That is because it is run by unelected bureaucrats and thus has no Constitutional teeth whatsoever; it is only permitted to issue “advisories.” That is because America has the Bill of Rights.

When the writer was a child in Ohio in the 1960s advisories were what we all followed when viruses broke out. The writer remembers the television advisories, and we all used caution. The country did not shut down, let alone the rest of the world. We bravely kept leading our lives and used all due caution during virus outbreaks; in other words, We the People self-governed ourselves and the federal government still knew its place in our lives.

The extent of government overreach into all aspects of our lives has become unimaginably large and intrusive. Americans are supposed to self-govern, not be told which dots to stand on six feet apart by some two-bit, tyrannical, unelected Washington DC bureaucrat, nor when to wear masks, nor anything else that infringes on our freedoms. That this happened on a scale which we all witnessed and suffered can only be described as the greatest experiment in social engineering the world has ever known. America should have remained a beacon of freedom during the pandemic, but instead it acquiesced. And for what? Shutdowns had a negligible effect on the spread of the virus. #fact

The writer cannot believe his own eyes. We have gone from being a country that fought to liberate Europe from the Nazis and to retain our own freedoms at the cost 416,800 troops’ lives, to one so afraid of dying from a virus that we are willing to give away our hard-won freedoms and formerly thriving economy for it. #sad

There was and is no such a thing as a “government mandate” in America; those only exist in parliamentary democracies and dictatorships. All abuses of power from the President of the United States down to Mayors of US cities, anyone who issues a “mandate” of any kind is committing an abuse of power, a tyrannical overreach which all citizens should feel free and are free to ignore. However, the American people have collectively become too complacent and spineless to do so.

Kindness is often held up today as the most desirable of human traits. The writer holds with bravery; kindness comes in a very close second.

All of these tangential points are raised to force the reader to think about these issues outside of their comfort zone. If the reader feels uncomfortable now, then the goal is achieved.

All schools everywhere, all houses of worship, all for-profit corporations, and all media outlets would do well to ban the spiteful practice of Cultural Marxism now. Choosing the alternative is to choose to alienate a large and currently growing portion of your potential students, congregations, customers, and followers.

Practice real tolerance and drop all divisive activist rhetoric and activities from your rosters now. Welcome back your “other” neighbors who will begin to happily show up for you again in-force once the word gets out.

Before the Internet, before television, before radio, neighbors used to reach out and talk to each other all the time to discuss our differences. It is time to get back to the ethic of “do unto others as they would do unto you.” Do you see a lawn sign on your street for a candidate or issue that is contrary to the way you usually vote? Instead of either ignoring or worse shaming the people there, try knocking on their door and having an actual discussion.

God bless America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

The US flag is hung upside down when the country is in distress. One sees flags hung at homes and on the Internet at this time by US citizens who love rather than hate their country and its freedoms, who understand the good and the bad in its history in their proper context, and who embrace its potentially bright and prosperous future with their very lives.

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