SATB Version of THREE MINIATURES Now Recorded

I now have demo recordings of the SATB version of THREE MINIATURES. The recording was made by the versatile professional vocalist Matthew Curtis (http://www.choraltracks.com), who has a vocal range from soprano to bass, and who created an multi-track recording of himself singing the piece. Here are the URLs to listen to these recordings:  http://stanleymhoffman.com/Three-Minatures-SATB-01-The-Lute.mp3; http://stanleymhoffman.com/Three-Minatures-SATB-02-The-Thunderbolt.mp3; http://stanleymhoffman.com/Three-Minatures-SATB-03-The-Sun.mp3. I hope you enjoy them! To purchase the music, visit this URL: http://www.canticledistributing.com/three-miniatures-26639.html

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