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Romance for String Orchestra

Updated: Mar 24

Written in 2024, Romance for String Orchestra is an unabashedly tonal piece based on music from my compositions Romance for Orchestra (1982) and Pasacalle Triste (2024). Romance for Orchestra was composed as my undergraduate thesis at The Boston Conservatory of Music and has since writhed in obscurity. One understands why, though: various passages sound like juvenilia. Still, others sound a good deal stronger, and it is those passages that I have rescued, and which are featured in Romance for String Orchestra. Newly composed passages bracket and are intertwined with older ones, many of which are here transposed. Though just a smattering when compared to the number of passages borrowed from Romance for Orchestra, the ones borrowed from Pasacalle Triste nonetheless provide a meaningful creative arc manifested in one composition, and they provide just the right touches during various sequential passages. Speaking of sequences, Romance for Orchestra contains what is for my oeuvre the most expansive sequence I have composed to date; in both cases that sequence leads to the formal recapitulation of the main theme in the tonic key C Minor.

I hope you enjoy Romance for Orchestra. Thank you for your time and attention. 


Romance for Orchestra

Music by Stanley M. Hoffman

NotePerformer 4 audio and scrolling score video seeking live performances.

Music: © Copyright 2024 by Stanley M. Hoffman.

All rights reserved. 

The sheet music is available from me and from Sheet Music Plus.


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