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Classical Music Engraving and Editing Services

  • Contact Dr. Hoffman by e-mail by selecting "Contact" in the pull-down menu above.

  • Engravings currently done in Sibelius or Finale programs only.

  • Per-page rate based on complexity and genre.

  • You would e-mail scans of FINAL handwritten manuscripts, or Sibelius files, or Finale files, or SCORE files, or PDFs made from any one of these programs.

  • He would send you a quote.

  • If you agree, he would engrave the music and e-mail first proofs along with any comments and questions.

  • After receiving corrected proofs from you by e-mail, he would apply your corrections and send the corrected engraving to you by e-mail for final approval.

  • Significant composer alterations would be billable on an hourly basis. 

  • File conversion and creation of high quality synthesized audio files would also be billable on an hourly basis. 


In Person or Virtual Classical Composition/Arranging Lessons Via Zoom, Skype, etc.

  • Contact him by e-mail by selecting "Contact" in the pull-down menu above.

  • Tell him about yourself (or send a bio or C.V.) and which subject(s) you wish to study.

  • You would e-mail your scanned manuscripts, or Sibelius 5 or 6 files, or Finale 2010 files, or PDFs to me (plus optional synthesized sound files, but not in lieu of scores).

  • After he completes his critique, his comments would be inserted into Sibelius files or PDFs and e-mailed to you along with an invoice.

  • Hourly rate subject to a mutually agreeable payment structure.

  • He is amenable to as many rounds as required to bring your compositions or arrangements into excellent condition.

Thank you for your consideration. Dr. Hoffman looks forward to hearing from you.

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Artist's Representative​

Dr. Hoffman is expanding the services he offers to include being an Artist's Representative for composers and arrangers who seek to receive permission to set to music copyrighted texts and/or tunes, or to arrange copyrighted musical compositions. He has already begun to do so actively. 

Dr. Hoffman typically researches the current disposition of copyrights to the extent possible using advanced web searches to achieve the desired contacts. Most of the time he is successful and enjoys sleuthing!

Dr. Hoffman can also help interpret or negotiate contracts with music publishing companies. While he is not an attorney nor a paralegal, Dr. Hoffman has extensive experience in this area. He routinely performed such tasks as part of his former role as Editor In Chief at ECS Publishing during the years 1998-2011. 

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