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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Completed 10/24/2016, NIGHTSCAPES, a three-minute work for mixed chorus and piano, a setting of seven poems by the late Jacqueline Tuffnell, mother of the great painter, and my friend, Malcolm Tuffnell. The words appear below.—

1. my heart is empty

of feelings, like love and joy

can I regain them?

2. twilight is longer

the day does not want

to end

the night seems hopeful

3. the moon among clouds

like footprints in

the deep snow

frosty winter moon

4. you’re free of clouds, moon

now you can move more


through the night sky

5. moonlight bathes the street

the air is sweet with


from nature’s garden

6. I dream, when it’s still

images float before me

like a bird, I fly

7. when the night is full

of stars, like diamonds

and pearls

my joy is complete Words: © Copyright by the Estate of Jacqueline Tuffnell.

All rights reserved.

Used by permission of Malcolm Tuffnell.

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