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Selections from "The Song of Songs" - a Gentle Reminder to Wind Ensemble Conductors

WIND ENSEMBLE DIRECTORS: just a reminder about this piece. It's not often that you get to perform with vocalists. Please consider it for performance. Thank you.

Song Cycle in 3 Movements

(Hebrew, Yiddish, English)

for Male Voice & Wind Ensemble

Selections from “The Song of Songs”

Composed in 1997 as a wedding (anniversary) gift for my wife, Ruth; we married in 1995.

I. Kumee Lach (Rise Up) - Hebrew;

II. Ich Bin Gekumen In Mein Gorten (I Have Come Into My Garden) - Yiddish;

III. Behold, Thou Art Fair, My Love - English;

Duration: ca. 15 minutes

NotePerformer 3 audio and scrolling score video in search of live performances for the composer and for the publisher.


© Copyright 2017 by Highgate Press, Inc., a division of ECS Publishing Group. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

ECS Publishing Group Catalog Nos. 8411–13

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N.B.: The other YouTube video for this title created before I received permission from the publisher to post scrolling score videos. That one is still good to use to follow the text and its meaning. This video is for those who want to follow a scrolling score. Here is a link to that video.

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