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Testimonial #1 David Ashley White

David Ashley White

17 December 2020

“I am very happy to recommend Stanley M. Hoffman for music engraving/editing work. For a number of years, E.C. Schirmer has been an important publisher of my music. Every single piece of mine, whether large or small, that I submitted to E. C. Schirmer, has been engraved by Stanley. His work, which also involves editing, has been always flawlessly presented. And it is also beautiful to behold.

I must admit that I am very particular about the look of engraved music, whether composed by me or others. As I consider Stanley’s work, I have never seen any score that is not only flawless, in terms of its accuracy, but also beautiful, from the point of view of its presentation.

During the many years that I have worked with Stanley, I have always felt very fortunate with the practical and artistic advice he has given me—I consider engraving/editing a fine art, and in every way, Stanley Hoffman has proven to be the master of his art and craft.

The effects of Covid-19 have badly affected so many. Thus, it is regretful that an artist like Stanley must also suffer because of it. Of course, he is not alone—many who work in the arts have similar stories. But in my effort to show my support, I asked him to engrave three major pieces that were, until recently, only in my manuscript.  I encourage anyone else who needs the assistance of a superior engraver/editor to do the same—you will be very pleased and impressed with his work.”

David Ashley White C. W. Moores, Jr. Professor of Composition, University of Houston Composer-in-Residence, Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston

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