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The Abject Incivility of Using the Silent Treatment in One's Professional Dealings

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Follows a brief commentary on being on the receiving end of the silent treatment from "professionals." Twice recently I was approached by pros in my field, twice I engaged them in collegial discussions regarding how we can work together to mutually benefit each other's careers, and twice communication shut down at their end without explanation after I said nothing out of the ordinary, truly. Objectively speaking, such behavior is unprofessional and disrespectful. Providing an explanation is always a better choice. In the digital age some people do not treat others in a civilized manner. Time was when such behavior was the norm. Now one is increasingly lucky to encounter people who act using common sense manners. These two people are not only choosing to burn a mutually useful bridge, they are also creating negativity in their wake. Remember, you are not the only ones with professional connections. If anyone asks me about you two I can only refer to you as unreliable for that is the experience with which you have left me. #professionalism #respect #civility

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