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9 of 12 Songs from Op. 27 (Zemlinsky-Hoffman): 4 New Scrolling Score Videos

I am pleased to present links to 4 new scrolling score YouTube videos for *9 of the 12 Songs of Op. 27 by Alexander Zemlinsky, edited, arranged, and translated by me.

They are synthesized performances and scrolling scores in search of live performances.

The sheet music is available from me. stanley(at)

I hope you enjoy them, and that word of mouth gets out about them all in both the vocal and choral worlds. Thank you.


Music and Words: Public Domain

Arrangements and Translations:

© Copyright 2021 by Stanley M. Hoffman.

All rights reserved.

*The three missing songs are composed to texts by Langston Hughes and Claude McKay; alphabetically they are titled African Dance (LH), Harlem Dancer (CM), and Misery (LH). Although the texts are in the Public Domain, the German translations by Anna Siemsen that Zemlinsky used are protected in the EU until 2037. Videos including the translations that would be broadcast to the world on a service such as YouTube are forbidden until then. However, those three songs may be performed in the USA until 2037 and worldwide thereafter.


• Piano/Vocal Score (soprano solo and piano; each song is also available separately)

• Piano/Choral Score (soprano solo, SATB chorus, and piano; each song is also available separately)

• Full Orchestral Score for vocal version

• Full Orchestral Score for choral version

• Instrumental Parts that work with both versions

• Each song is available separately



Oboe/English Horn

Clarinet in B-flat/optional Soprano Saxophone in B-flat in songs 7–9


2 Horns in F

Trumpet in B-flat




(Glockenspiel, Suspended Cymbal, Wind Chimes, Bass Drum, Timpani, Tom-toms [4])

Keyboard (Celesta/Piano)




ca. 17:00

Stanley M. Hoffman (b. 1959)

For biographical information visit:

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