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All of my published sacred choral compositions in one music video

Updated: Jan 24

Here is link to a video of my complete published sacred choral music compositions on YouTube as of 2023; all performances are live:

A Prayer for Chanukah (SATB & Piano)

A Prayer for Peace (SATB)

Behold, God Is My Salvation (SATB & Organ)

Grant Us Peace (SATB)

Haneirot halalu (SATB)

In the Shadow of your Wings (SATB)

Mi y'maleil (SATB & Piano)

O Absalom (TTBB)

Psalm 1 (SATB)

Psalm 23 (SATB)

Psalm 146 (SATB)

Psalm 67 (SATB & Organ)

Psalm 84 (SATB)

Psalm 117 (SSAA)

Psalm 117 (SATB)

Psalm 117 (TTBB)

Psalm 121 (SATB)

Psalm 130 (SATB)

Psalm 146 (SATB)

The Song of Ruth (SATB)

Veshameru (SATB & Organ)

Yih'yu l'ratson/May the words of my mouth (SATB)

Yism'chu (SATB)

All compositions are published by ECS Publishing Group and are used by permission. Performance credits appear in the music videos. Thank you for listening. Enjoy!

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