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"At the Clothing Department" - A Three Minute Opera Scene Ready to be Workshopped and Performed

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I now have ready a title called At the Clothing Department, a three minute opera scene scored for six vocal soloists and piano with live crowd or track, which is ready to be workshopped and performed. Do not let the brevity of this scene deter you from programming it; this setting packs a wallop of an effect.

The libretto is comprised of the insightful observations of a young Jewish boy—Abraham “Abramek” Koplowicz—who was trapped by the Nazis in the Lodz ghetto and was later murdered in Auschwitz.

The libretto is not meant to be one in the traditional sense so much as staged tone painting with singing actors. The notion of a traditional dramatic arc is not present.

Click here to view a watermarked PDF score. Click here to listen to a synthesized rendition.

This title is available for sale from Sheet Music Plus. Click here for ordering information.

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