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Completed today: a 1st draft THE CITY IN THE SEA for chorus and orchestra

Completed today: a 1st draft of a choral/orchestral tone poem on which I have been working off and on since my PhD student days at Brandeis University several decades ago: THE CITY IN THE SEA: CHORAL TONE POEM on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe. I finally have the skill set and life experience I lacked to complete it until now. I set out to compose a piece of music that sounds like nothing that has come before it and have finally succeeded. I created an unaccompanied version of the choruses some time ago which features music unique to it which link the choral passages together. You can check out that version on YouTube. The version with orchestra is nearly twice the length of the unaccompanied version. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. More later after I live with the piece a while longer. #newmusic#chorus#orchestra

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