Composers and Arrangers: One Way to Help Ensure Your Musical Legacy Survives Your Time on Earth

Composers and arrangers often wonder how their creative legacy will survive their time on earth. One way to ensure that happens is to create a digital archive of all archive-worthy creative works, both locally (at their fingertips) and in the cloud. If one has handwritten manuscripts one can scan them to PDFs to archive them electronically and keep the paper masters in file cabinets. However, this will more likely ensure that the creative works fade into obscurity.

Most composers and arrangers today use music notation software such as Finale™ or Sibelius™. While this clearly helps to get their music into the hands of musicians today and also into a more permanent state for both types of archiving, if the writer lacks music notation "chops," then they are leaving their music in an unfinalized state for posterity.

The main skill set I bring to bear as a freelance musician atypically comes in the form of my abilities as a sheet music engraver and editor. I have been freelancing since I was laid off from my job as Senior Editor at