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Haneirot halalu To Be Performed in Poland on 9 September 2022!

Haneirot halalu To Be Performed in Poland on 9 September 2022!

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Another concert as part of Fide et Amore, the Festival of Religious Creativity

6 September 2022

The sixth festival concert will take place this Friday. September 9, at 19.00 as part of Fide et Amore in the Basilica of The Bielski Chamber Choir will perform in Pszów, Poland.

The Bielski Chamber Choir started its activity in May 1993 as part of the Bielsko Cultural Center. It brings together a group of 25 amateurs, enthusiasts of choral music, young people of various professions. Since its inception, the ensemble has been led by Beata Borowska, and the individual voice emission of the choir members is shaped by Barbara Bałda. The choir has a rich repertoire of religious and secular works of various epochs, ranging from the Renaissance to the present day. In addition to a cappella pieces, the band also performs vocal and instrumental pieces, pieces inspired by folklore of various nations and arrangements of popular music. Bielski Chamber Choir has given concerts in Europe, incl. in Italy, Germany, Greece, Malta, but also in more distant countries such as China, Canada, and Thailand.

Friday's repertoire

The Bielski Chamber Choir will mainly present works on Marian themes, but there will also be pieces of Jewish origin. The proposed repertoire combines music typical of two different cultures: Christian and Jewish, and the buckle that unites these two musical worlds into a thematic whole is the person of Mary. The concert program will be filled with compositions created over seven hundred years of history. During the concert "Maria of Nazareth" a wide repertoire will be presented: Wacław z Szamotuły, J. Arcadelt, A. Koszewski, S. Rachmaninow, J. Świder, F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy, C. Duffy, F. Biebl.

Concert program

1. Bogurodzica - Anonymous from the 13th century.

2. Jacob Arcadelt (ca. 1507–1568) - Ave Maria

3. Andrzej Koszewski (1922–2015) - Hail Royal Good (text from the 15th century)

I. Roman Brandstaetter (1906–1987 ) - Hymn to the Black Madonna (recitation)

4. Coreen Duffy (b. 1976) - Oseh shalom (traditional Jewish text)

5. Coreen Duffy (b. 1976) - Adon olam (traditional Jewish text)

6. Arr. Robert Applebaum (b. 1941) - Ani ma'amin (traditional Jewish song)

7. Arr. Gil Aldem (b. 1928) - Ken bakodesh chaziticha (fragment from psalm 63)

8. Stanley M. Hoffman (b. 1959) - Haneirot halalu (Jewish prayer for Hanukkah)

II. Roman Brandstaetter - Hymn to the Madonna of the Atom (recitation)

9. Henryk Mikołaj Górecki (1933–2010) - Hail Mary, op. 54

10. Edward Grieg (1843–1907) - Ave maris stella

11. Sergiusz Rachmaninow (1873–1943) - Bogorodice Dievo from "All Night Vigil" Op. 37

12. Javier Busto (b. 1949) - Ave Maria

13. Tim Sarsany (b. 1966) - Salve Mater Misericordiae

III. Roman Brandstaetter - Madonna of Atheists (recitation)

14. Marek Raczyński - Sicut lilium (excerpt from the Song of Songs)

15. Andrzej Koszewski (1922–2015) - Magnificat (Luke 1:46–49)

18. Franz Biebl (1906–2001) - Angelus Domini

Admission to all festival concerts is free. The festival is co-organized by the Wodzisław County. The complete program of concerts and events is available on the website - GO!

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