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Israel's War of 2023

I truly do not do politics publicly online anymore and never will again as I have been far too unjustly stigmatized because of my conservative stances on many issues. However, regarding the current events in Israel, I cannot in good conscience remain silent, and as a child of two Jewish Holocaust survivors I will say this out loud one time and one time only: do not say that I did not try to warn you.

More Jews were murdered this week than in any week since the Holocaust. Let that sink in.

Roughly 15 million Jews remain out of a world population of 8 billion-45 million, and 7 million of them reside in Israel. This war is literally making us an endangered people.

Israel's war of 2023 was entirely avoidable, and is happening not exclusively but mainly because of election outcomes and resultant BAD policies in far too many countries in the world, ESPECIALLY in America. That is a fact, and facts do not care about your feelings; neither do the blood-thirsty savages of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Wake up! Hamas designated today a day of jihad, and what happens in Israel does not stay in Israel. Stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and, if you are a liberal, for God's sake learn how to unlearn much of what you have been told. The fate of the world literally hangs in the balance. Either western civilization and its foundational ethic will prevail, or tribalism and barbarism will; the choice is yours to make: it always has been, and it always will be.

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