Testimonials received from musicians after departing my job as Senior Editor at ECS Publishing Group

“I have so enjoyed working with you over the past years, growing as a composer.” —Byron Adams

“It has been an honour and a great pleasure to work with you for these many years. You are a wonderful editor and I shall miss you. —Stephen Chatman

“Working together with you has always been a great pleasure, and I appreciate so much the diligence and artistry you have always shown in creating our scores… You are a great editor, Stanley, and I want to thank you for all the beautiful work you have done on my scores these past few years. Thanks also for being such a gracious colleague. Anyone who needs engraving or editing should definitely be in touch with you. All best wishes to you, my friend. (And you’re a darn good composer as well!) —Tom Cipullo

“Our partnership has been exceptionally significant for me…” —David Conte

“I have learned all of these wonderful things from you while working with you. I implement those things into my ‘copying’,… you have made me think, and rethink, how to notate. I am forever grateful to you for these things. And I am forever grateful to you for these things. And your cons