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There Is a Name: New Scrolling Score for Version for SA Chorus & Orchestra

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

There Is a Name

Anthem for the New England Holocaust Memorial, Boston

for SA Chorus and Orchestra

YouTube video link

NotePerformer 3 Audio and scrolling score video in search of live regional performances.

Music by Stanley M. Hoffman (1995) & Words by Joseph H. Albeck (1995)

Words: © Copyright 1995 by Joseph H. Albeck.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Music : © Copyright 1995 by Stanley M. Hoffman.

This arrangement © Copyright 2000 by Stanley M. Hoffman.

All rights reserved.

For a live performance from the dedication ceremonies October 22, 1995 with a scrolling score for the version with guitar visit this YouTube link.


Friend of my heart,

The Freedom Trail now has eternal flames,

Set in six crystal towers which proclaim:

For each number etched into these glass walls,

There once beat a heart, which though stilled, yet calls-

Yes, for every number, there was a name.

Friend of my heart,

Walk on this sacred path of history,

Feel the numbers’ shadows falling free

Upon us, tracing tattoos without scars

On our souls, retracing those barbed wire bars

And numbers meant to wound our dignity.

Friend of my heart,

We know, in this cradle of liberty,

That freedom’s the stepchild of tyranny, enemy remains ever near,

Within ourselves, lurking there, hiding here...

Which blue tattoos were meant for you or me?

Friend of my heart,

Stand tall with me above the darkest pit.

Not as bystanders- we too must fear it...

Moved, moving on, never again the same-

Friend of my heart, listen: there is a name...

Yes, for every number, you can hear it.

Friend of my heart,

Let us count those visitors who here became

Our friends among the keepers of the flame.

May their names outnumber and sanctify

Those whose memory we shall not let die.

Yes, forever again there is a name.

There is a name...

There is a name...

There is a name...

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