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I am offering free tracks for use with modern and classical dance routines

I am offering free tracks for use with modern and classical dance routines. I recently completed what is apparently an unprecedented achievement as a music arranger. Having only found one ("1") good arrangement of Brahms' piano music for orchestra, I set out to orchestrate the ones I love the most as closely in style to the masters' orchestrations as possible for me.

The result is fourteen arrangements, imho the most dance-friendly and moving of which I can attach to an email as an example when dancers respond. I may do more of them.

I know, a dead white man's music in the age of diversity and all, but Brahms' music speaks more deeply to me than that of any other composer living or dead, and again, no one has ever done this before. I looked online: just the one.

These tracks are currently available only in digitally produced format using the cutting-edge NotePerformer3 audio engine. (Imho, the strings sound very good, better than any other sound engine; all other instruments sound excellent.) I also have excellent-looking full scores and parts in case your dance troupe ever perform with an orchestra.

I can create a Dropbox for these audio files. If you are interested, then I will deposit them there. You can use these Brahms arrangements free-of-charge, simply cite me as the arranger in your program notes and you are good to go. Stanley M. Hoffman (b. 1959)

Since I have your attention, I also have an extensive list of published and unpublished compositions and other arrangements. I am always happy to collaborate on old titles and to create new ones. Visit my website and click on any title you would like to hear to get an idea of the range of music I am capable of creating.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Stanley M. Hoffman, PhD

Website: ​​


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